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Enjoy the originals from the local Singer-songwriter / Band
Following by a 2 hours Musician Jam Session!

A chill and relax night which is full of spontaneous musical surprise!


Get a taste first 
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8pm-9pm Original Music
After10 | Genre: Indie Rock

Line Up:
Chan Wing Hong - Vocals/ Guitar
Yeow Wing Fung - Bass
Chan Chung Wai - Drums

After10 is a Hong Kong indie band founded in 2014 by vocalist & guitarist Hong, bassist Fung and drummer Wai. The name After10 was inspired by the group being 10 years in the music scene as members of another band before forming After10, and a question they wanted to ask themselves where they aim to go after 10 years in the music scene. The band is known as a band who sings for the working class, since most of their music is about reflections of work, family, love and balance in life. 2019 will be the year After10 aims to continue to collaborate with different producers, artists and lyricists, as well as performing in various festivals and events throughout Asia.

9pm-11pm Musician Free Jamming
Band:PCTT | Band Leader: Terence (Dull)

PCTT is formed by the musicians from the audition and recruitment for our open mic program "Who Don’t Sing".

Terence Liu - Band Leader & Bass
Teddy Fan - Guitar
Perry Lau - Keys
Crotus Chan- Drums

Reservation:2323 2538
**Minimum charge of one drink per person

Event Date: 2019-03-12 (Tue)
Event Time: TUE 8PM-11PM