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Save the Next Song for Me A cappella Concert

Yat Po Singers collaborates again with all rounded musician, Anna Lo, presenting original Cantonese pop songs in the a cappella concert version of the 27th Hong Kong Drama Awards Best Original Music & Lyrics award nominated production – Save the Next Song for Me.

It's closing time. Your eyes struggle to readjust to the lights that are now back on, and your brain makes a sluggish attempt to return to reality from the haze of the mishmash of sounds that enveloped every fiber of your being for the past 5 hours. All of a sudden, the smell of old cigarettes and stale beer hits you, and you marvel at how out of place that surgical-looking mic cover looks next to the puddle of cheap scotch and the leftover jug of green tea. Your voice is as good as gone...

It's closing time, for the very last time. No more dial ‘0’ for service, no more plates of unwanted fruits and nuts forced upon you, no more pass-me-the-remote, pass-me-the-mic, no more cover charge. Your voice is not as hoarse as you expected it to be. Your eyes only needed to adjust slightly from the dim indoor lighting to the grey 5am morning. The air outside smells, well, smoke- and alcohol-free. So, what now?

Anna Lo
Sam Lau*

Anna Lo

Creative Writing 
Sam Lau*

Raoul Chan *
Ronald Tsang *
Keith Wong *
Margaret Cheung
Rick Lau
Justin Lau
Angelita Li
Gilbert Wong
Eric Yeung
Resident Artists of Yat Po Singers

Photo by: Pazu@Kaleidoscope Productions

Advance: $180 includes 1 standard alcoholic drink
At The Door: $220 includes 1 standard alcoholic drink

Event Time: 8:30PM (Door Open: 8PM | Duration 1 Hour)

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  • Advance Ticket - includes 1 Standard Alcoholic Drink - HK$180
    End of Sale


  • Advance Ticket - includes 1 Standard Alcoholic Drink - HK$180
    End of Sale